Wedding videos

Hello, hope everyone is fine! I have finally all the wedding videos, which edited Joost.
So as you know, we stick with idea of doing our wedding parties in style of 2013 Gackt's "Best of the Best Vol. I" tour and Mild and Wild version of his albums. Our invitation cards were also in this style.

Source of the picture - instagram of my sister in law and ceremony lady Natasja


Mild wedding ~ 25th april 2014 ~ Jemnice, Czech republic
This wedding was with the actual ceremony in catholic church in Jemnice. My extended family and friends from Czech republic were there and Joost's close family as well. My sister and maid of honor managed for us surprise in style from movie Love Actually and she and he choir in the church performed All you need is love by The Beatles.

Wild wedding ~ 9th May 2014 ~ Lelystad, Netherlands
This was more a party, without a ceremony, but with a surprise grand helicopter entrance. Because we used to be in long distance relationship and we love to travel, we decided to include aviation theme. The video from Mild wedding was shown inside cargo part of Boeing which is displayed in a big aviation museum, which was the location for our party. We also had a very special cake to fullfill really the gacktish style of our weddings.

Joost performed as a surpise some my beloved songs, including Love Letter by Gackt, Love is all around by Wet Wet Wet and the song Small, which was composed by him for me.

In september we are finally going away for our postponed Bonaire honeymoon, yay!!!

GAPS album release!

Please support my friend scarlet_penta and my fiance joostmusic  


The album that contains 10 tracks (audio samples can be found and will be presented to you signed and in a hard jewel case and only 200 copies are made so make sure you get your hands on one before they are sold out ;)

GAPS is available for both national as international fans for the price of €14,99 though international buyers won’t be able to buy it directly through the paypal button that will appear in the Shop page. This is because shipping and handling is different for every country. If you are an international fan and wish to purchase gaps please contact me via so you can be informed on the shipping and handling price to your country.

For now GAPS will only be sold as an actual physical product, later on online sales will also start. I hope you guys are as excited as I am so yeah go to the shop, purchase and make sure to let me know what you think about GAPS!

I would like to thank everyone who worked with me on GAPS. A more extended thank you can be found inside the booklet of GAPS!




Face In The Crowd



That One Special Person

When I Return


Summers ~episode II~


Save Me

Dead End



PS: And if possible, please share this around too, thanks a lot!

A short report from Versailles concert in Amsterdam, July 06, 2010

I am doing order in my stuff and actually I wanted to have on my lj reports from all concerts I attended.

Joost waiting in front of venue before concert:

I was a little bit confused because on tickets was starting time 20.00, but while waiting outside the venue, there was hanging a small flyer saying that Versailles live starts 21.00. It was soooo tiny venue! Almsot looking like a bigger bar LOL.

I wasn´t personally waiting there so long as many other people who were there already from noon or afternoon.
But still it was a bit tiring, I wonder which time was exactly right? and well, there was maybe a bit wrong organization, its a small venue, but still getting inside took so long.. :(

But those were only issues before starting the live. The concert itself was amazing!
I liked how they sounded and how Kamijo and as well Teru and sometimes Hizaki didn´t forget to look as well up to balcony and how was Kamijo smiling a lot. The concert had its magic and they even took a flag from fans down in front of the stage :D LoL and it was a footbal flag :) That time was playing NL versus Uruguay :)

It was really a nice concert despite the issues before starting :) Very nice was too meet dear friend sensaina_bara there :)


- Sound in the Gate
- Prelude
- Aristocrat's Symphony
- Shout & Bites
- Zombie
- Ai to kanashimi no nocturne
- Prince
- Princess
- The Umbrella of Glass
- Gekkakou
- Amorphus
- Serenade
- Ascendead Master
- The Red Carpet Day
- Revenant Choir

More here:

CONCERT REPORT: Yellow Fried Chickenz in Amsterdam - 27th July 2011

Yeah, you read it right. This report is almost year late. Blame on my busy life and kind of lack of mood for livejournal and soe other stuff happening meantime. But I was kind of of sure I am going to write something one day. And that day is here :)

Of course it won´t be the fresh feeling writting report shortly after live, but I can look at this concert a little bit retrospective and well, my memory is luckily quite good.

Polaroid picture from that day  by Scarlet Penta


Once again the concert was happening shortly after our holiday with my dear (lol back then) boyfriend joostmusic, who is nowadays my fiancé. xD I told ya I´ve been busy past year. :P It was almost same case like previous year in Paris, I have report from Paris concert here:
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Scarlet Penta feat. Joost Maglev | Specialty (feat. Joost Maglev) | CD Baby

Scarlet Penta feat. Joost Maglev | Specialty (feat. Joost Maglev) | CD Baby

Specialty is a 4-track-counting mini album with Power Pop, Hard rock, Symphonic Metal influences. Having a deeply low to very high vocal range, Scarlet reminds many people of bands such as Evanescence, Within Temptation, and even Kate Bush. Yet at the same time she produces a original recognizable sound.

When listening to Specialty music-wise, people tend to think back of western 80's rock n metal influences dressed in a modern coat. You will also detect a touch of various Japanese rock influences reminding people of X-Japan, Pierrot and even GACKT (--> but that's mainly Joost's influence!)

If you buy album online via cdbaby, price is just $5.00 for 4 those tracks

Listen to preview here


Price €12,99*
+ €1,- Shipping within the Netherlands.

international orders before ordering, please contact Scarlet at first at:

Info here and

Photo : © by Otti Love
CD cover art © by Iris Blankenstijn 


♥ Scarlet Penta feat. Joost Maglev - presale of minialbum "Specialty"

Photo : © by Otti Love
Flyer : by Milou Nonette

Hello everyone!^^

My friend Scarlet and my dear other half Joost created some cool music and today started presale of mini album "Specialty"


Listen to preview here

And IMPORTANT Money gained from "Specialty" presale will be donated to the Japanese red cross.

You can read all information about it here

Please check it out!

Thank you ♥